Fancy dress 30th birthday party

I had the pleasure of being booked for Chrissys 30th birthday party with a Disney fancy dress theme at a leisure centre in Hoddesdon. I set out to photograph every one that was at the party, especially the different groups of people together. The plan was to make memories for the birthday girl.

Birthday_Party (32)


Birthday_Party (40)Birthday_Party (41)

There was a group of four men dressed as the guys from the movie ‘Cool Runnings’ with a home made bob sledge.











The birthday girl Chrissy was dressed as Bell from ‘Beauty and The Beast’ with a themed cake to go alongside the costume.

Birthday_Party (17)

There were plenty of Star Wars fans who got together for a group photo.

Birthday_Party (122)

Other costumes were Elsa and Olaf from Frozen, a varied amount of characters from Alice In Wonderland, Jessey and Woody from Toy Story, Princess Rapunzel, Snow White, Shrek and many more.

Birthday_Party (76)

The party and photographs were a success and we achieved over 100 photos from the night. I’ve added a little selection to browse through below.

Birthday_Party (110)


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