Paws in the Park Spring show 2016

The weekend of 13th – 15th May was spent at my 5th Paws in the Park in Ardingly, West Sussex. To me it’s the best dog show around as it’s nice to be camping all weekend so you get to see everything the show has to offer.

Here’s just a few things the show has to offer such as the Flyball and Agiliity competitions



To the events happening in the main arena (Huskies In Need display)



There’s the Dash n Splash



And of course one of the best attractions is the companion dog show which just gets bigger every time with every one showing what they think is the cutest dog or bitch.



I take photos for myself as I love dogs so I just walk around all weekend with my 70-200mm lens and take loads of photos from a distance so all the photos I take are mainly natural. I did test out the new wide angle lens a few times this weekend so there will be the odd close up of dogs but I do prefer the big lens when people don’t know I’m taking photos!

Please view all my photos in this gallery below. Hi-resolution photos are available at a very reasonable rate. Please feel free to drop me an e-mail if you have seen a photo of your pooch and wish to print from the photo. Contact Me

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