The Subways reopen The Square, Harlow

I have been meaning to see The Subways for a long long time. I had the pleasure of photographing Billy Lunn many years ago at our most intimate local venue in Bishops Stortford (What they call The Long Room now.)

They’re not shy to The Square having played their first ever gig there and lucky for fans they came back on the odd occasion for warm up shows before hitting major festivals. Now they’re back in 2016 to reopen The Square in Harlow.


DSC_1060The Square went through a little scare last year (2015) as they had to shut down due to the council wanting planning permission for housing. They tried for months to find new premises but lucky for them every thing seemed to fall through with the housing plans and they’ve managed to revamp the place and reopen once again after many years of trading as an independent music venue. It’s great to see what they’ve done with the place having an overhaul on the stage and much more.

Opening for The Subways were Indian Queens.



The Subways are once again warming up for another string of festivals over the summer and they didn’t disappoint with such an energetic show.



View all the photos I took below.

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