Pugfest Essex 2016

I came across Pugfest some time last year and very nearly traveled all the way to Wales to attend one of their events as that’s where they all started from. I was so excited when they announced they were going to have an event far nearer to home! Being a Pug mum of two it’s great to see a show dedicated to this wonderful breed.


Pugfest was held on 17th July in Billericay, Essex.  They ran a Pug dog show, had loads of lovely stalls with plenty of Pug products on and had live acts throughout the day including Ray Lewis of The Drifters and Queen II headlining the event.


Here’s photos that I got from Pugfest mainly shooting on my Sigma 70-200mm lens as that’s my favorite for dog shows.

Hi-resolution photos are available at a very reasonable rate. Please feel free to drop me an e-mail if you have seen a photo of your pooch and wish to print from the photo.Contact Me

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