The Fast Show 2017 at Santa Pod Raceway

First show of the season for most modified car owners including myself that is The Fast Show at Santa Pod Raceway. I attended The Fast Show with Modified Girls who I’ve only recently joined forces with and what a pleasure it was to be on their 36 car stand. They were organised from the moment I turned up and friendly. We had a good location of stand but unfortunately it was just a bit on the small side for 36 cars but the girls in charge made it look ace and there was a good variety of cars on there.


It’s been a while since I’ve properly had the camera out to photograph automotive so I whipped on the Sigma 10-20mm lens and away I went.


It took me a while to get in the swing of capturing the right sort of angle and trying not to make my photos look like I just stood there and snapped a photo. (That happened through the first half of me snapping a load of cars.)


I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from real automotive photographers and tried a different way of editing this time. I must say I’m pleased with the outcome so if you have any feedback for me please drop me a line through my Facebook.


Please view my full gallery below of photos from The Fast Show 2017. Hi-Resolution photos available at a very reasonable rate if people wish to print from these photos yourselves.


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