Paws in the Park Spring show 2017


The best dog show around and one of the funnest weekends you’ll ever have with your dog. This is our fourth year spent at the Paws in the Park spring show in Ardingly, East Sussex. My two Pugs who attend with us are now rocking the grand age of 10yrs old and while we’ve gone through cancer and now possibly have arthritis they’re still enjoying strutting their stuff in the companion dog show and walking around the lovely trade stands (Or being pushed in a dog buggy in Dexters case.) You’ll see a few photos of them appear in my gallery as they’re such characters.

Any way I am loving this show as we set up camp opposite the many agility courses that all sorts of dogs will compete in all weekend and to the right of the agility is the competitive flyball which we watch every morning before setting off in to the rest of the show.


There’s a celebrity in our midst on the Saturday as Wynne Evans (Who’s well known as the Go Compare man) is training and being filmed for a TV show with Rockwood Dog Display team who’ve come all the way from Wales.

As always the companion dog show where in ring 3 every one competes for a bit of fun is bustling with so many gorgeous looking dogs and bitches all competing in things such as Best Rescue, Cutest bitch, handsome dog and best biscuit catcher.

It was another beautiful weekend spent at Paws in the Park as the weather held up for us all and it ended up being to much for some..

Please view all my photos in this gallery below. Hi-resolution photos are available at a very reasonable rate. Please feel free to drop me an e-mail if you have seen a photo of your pooch and wish to print from the photo. Contact Me

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