IVW: Sofa Sonic and Jump Stone at The Horn at The Half Moon

Second show of a run of live shows celebrating Independent Music Week with The Horn at The Half Moon in association with Juicebox Live. This one actually had a third live act, Woody Taylor, who I unfortunately didn’t get enough decent photos of but my goodness the sound that came from them was definitely worth the listen.

This is now my third live show of the year and I’m really finding my feet again with taking live photos. It helps a lot when there’s a real good light show going on behind the bands playing!

On 1st February 2018, after Woody Taylor, come this three strong band Jump Stone who filled in really last minute.

The headliners this evening are a band I have had the pleasure of working with in the past on their promotional photos but alas I’ve never seen them live until now, Sofa Sonic.

I hope to not leave it to long until I see them live again. Definitely worth the wait! 

Sofa Sonic (5)

A whole gallery below of all the bands who played this evening. Future listings can be found HERE.

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